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I'm calling out your name


Yeah, you left
and I was broken
but I was okay with it
even months after you
said goodbye.

I started talking to
someone else and
he made me smile
and laugh
when all I wanted to do
was curl up
in my bed
and listen to sad songs
and stare at pictures of you.

He was great
and I even liked him,
enough to make me
forget about you for a while.

But he ended up
hurting me too.

But you want to know
what’s really fucked up
about all of this?
When he hurt me,
it was you I was
thinking about.

I wasn’t thinking about
what he said
when he was high
or how he treated me
when he was having a bad day.

I was thinking of you
and how you’d
ignore my texts those
Thursday nights.

I was thinking of
how you didn’t think
that maybe you
not talking to me
for two weeks was
killing me in every way possible
and I’d go home
crying every time
you didn’t even
send me a glance.

I was thinking of your hands
and how I’ll never be able
to hold them ever again.

I was fucking thinking
of how you hurt me.

I just don’t
understand why…

When are you
going to leave?



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oh my god

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I fucked my way up to the top…

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“ Te miro y te elijo sin pensarlo dos veces, y si lo pensara dos veces…te volvería a elegir. ”


everything you love is here

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Lana Del Rey at the ‘Child of God’ movie premiere in New York

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if you ignore my texts i’ll just assume you hate me

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